Pro Line 21™ Avionics Upgrade

A Bombardier and Collins Aerospace all-in-one turnkey solution. The Pro Line 21™ Advanced upgrade package for Challenger 300 and Challenger 605 aircraft unlocks your avionics full potential and features fully-integrated functions to enhance situational awareness, operational efficiencies and meet the next generation of mandates while increasing your aircraft's value.

Next Generation Avionics

Bombardier’s Challenger 300 and Challenger 605 aircraft flight deck upgrades increase utility and the value of your aircraft with an advanced flight deck retrofit solution fit to meet your needs. The avionics packages available through Bombardier Service Centres provide cutting-edge flight deck functionality, improved situational awareness and increased system flexibility.

Enhanced Situational Awareness

Capabilities include a more robust, feature-rich Flight Management System, including LPV technology allowing for better access to airports and increased fuel savings. The ideal system for flying challenging approaches in both good and inclement weather, the Synthetic Vision System (SVS) creates a clear digital representation of the immediate flying environment. With the addition of the Flight Path Vector, normalized AOA and TAT indication, situational awareness and safety are brought to a whole new level.

Whatever the weather, this upgrade gives pilots the information they require to stay on track. The MultiScan ™ weather radar reduces pilot workload while giving the pilot a much more accurate picture in order to automatically identify weather and turbulence.

Component Included

As airspace requirements change and your mission profile evolves, next-level avionics capabilities help maximize the use of your aircraft. ADS-B Out V2 equipped aircraft deliver more flexible and continuous routing, increased fuel efficiency all while reducing flight times and minimizing delays. Precision-like approaches are easier than ever before with LPV – a GPS derived instrument approach procedure. For flight crews it provides lower minimums, greater choice of airports, and thus greater operational flexibility, not to mention significant fuel savings.

The Collins Aerospace Pro Line 21™ Advanced upgrade allows for optimized performance, efficiency, and safety. It’s just another one of Bombardier’s ongoing enhancements designed to take the lead in today’s rapidly changing flight environments.

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