ProLine Fusion Challenger 604

Pro Line Fusion® Avionics Upgrade

The FAA-certified Pro Line Fusion® avionics upgrade for the Challenger 604 aircraft is designed to meet current and future airspace mandates, address obsolescence and enhance the overall cockpit experience by providing the latest in avionics functionality.

Able to fly alt

Ensure the airworthiness of your aircraft

When you upgrade to Pro Line Fusion®, you benefit from meeting current and upcoming mandates such as ADS-B Out V2.  All aircraft must install ADS-B Out V2 or risk being grounded for non-compliance.

Boost your aircraft’s value alt

Boost your aircraft’s value

In addition to avoiding unscheduled costs, upgrading to Pro Line Fusion® may improve the resale value of your aircraft by giving you access to the latest in avionics safety and communication technology. Pro Line Fusion® addresses Electronic Flight Display (EFD) obsolescence with 3 large LCD touch screens, enhances situational awareness with 35% increased display area and includes Synthetic Vision system.

Futureproof your aircraft alt

Futureproof your aircraft

Unlock future possibilities by investing in the growth potential of your avionics suite.  Upgrading to Pro Line Fusion® ensures you have access to:

  • ADS-B Out V2
  • FANS 1/A
  • RNP AR 
  • Graphical weather
  • European ATN
  • Multiscan weather
Backed by Bombardier alt

Backed by Bombardier

Schedule your upgrade with Bombardier and benefit from the experience and knowledge only the OEM of your aircraft can provide.  We work around the clock to keep you flying with a worldwide support network that helps anticipate your every need and an industry-leading 2-year parts warranty on all spare parts and upgrades purchased.

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Pro Line Fusion® is a registered trademark of Collins Aerospace.