Bombardier Step C Avionics Upgrade for Primus 2000 XP cockpit

Elevate your aircraft’s performance with the new Bombardier Step C Avionics Upgrade

Global 5000


The Bombardier Step C Avionics Upgrade combines the cutting-edge features of PM-CPDLC / ATN-B1 (Link 2000+) FANS 1/A+, VDL Mode 2 radio and CD-830 systems and takes care of the obsolescence with the CDU’s and DataLink end of life issues. This comprehensive upgrade is designed to take your aircraft’s performance and communication to the next level.

Key features include:


PM-CPDLC / ATN-B1 (LINK 2000+): Seamless and reliable Communication

The  PM-CPDLC / ATN-B1 (LINK 2000+) system ensures seamless and reliable communication, keeping you connected in the air and on the ground. With enhanced DataLink capabilities, you’ll experience improved situational awareness and communication efficiency.

Key benefits include:

  •  Future-proof technology for evolving airspace requirements
  • Real-time DataLink communication 
  • Compatibility with next-gen air traffic management systems 

CD-830 Control Display Unit: Precision navigation and display

The CD-830 takes navigation to new heights, providing pilots with a cutting-edge display that can enhance decision-making and reduce workload. When you are navigating through challenging airspace, the CD-830 offers unparalleled performance and clarity.

Key benefits include:

  • High-resolution for crisp, clear visuals
  • User-friendly touchscreen interface for ease of operation
  • Enhanced situational awareness

FANS 1/A+: Revolutionizing Flight Deck communication

Ensure global airspace compliance and maximize your aircraft’s operational efficiency with FANS 1/A+. Enjoy optimized communications, while meeting the latest regulatory requirements.

Key benefits include:

  • Global communication capabilities
  • Improved route optimization for fuel efficiency 
  • Seamless coordination with air traffic control
  • Compliance with the latest airspace mandates 

VDL Mode 2 radio: Enhanced radio communication

The Bombardier Step C Avionics upgrade also includes VDL Mode 2, a state-of-the-art radio communication system that further improves your aircraft’s communication capabilities. Experience clear and efficient radio communication, ensuring seamless connectivity with ground stations and other aircraft.

Key benefits include:

  • Reliable and efficient radio communication
  • Improved coordination with air traffic control 
  • Compliance with the latest communication standards 

This upgrade is designed to enhance air traffic control communications and overall performance of Global Express, Global XRS and Global 5000 aircraft equipped with the Honeywell Primus 2000 XP Avionics system. It is also available for customers that have already done the CD-830 upgrade.

Bombardier Step C Avionics Upgrade Factsheet

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