Bombardier Smart Services

Peace of mind begins with cost predictability. With Bombardier Smart Services cost-per-flight-hour offerings, join a community of owners and operators that benefit from OEM maintenance cost protection.

The program that started it all

The Bombardier Smart Services cost per-flight-hour offerings are more inclusive than ever before and provide the flexibility to tailor your cost coverage according to your operational needs.

The coverage to protect your aircraft

Agreement term6 years new
5 years in-service
Annual minimum flight hoursLearjet 250 hrs
Challenger 300 hrs
Global 350 hrs
Transferable to eligible Buyer at resale1
Cost coverage for Bombardier alert & recommended SB kits
No additional program management fees
Deficit protection at end of term1
Cost coverage for Bombardier Smart Link Plus2
Cost coverage for Corrosion protection1-
Deficit protection at resale without transfer to buyer-
Surplus credit with certain resale conditions without transfer-
Guaranteed flight-hour rate throughout the term (subject to annual escalation)-
Discount on non-covered parts bought during Service Center maintenance visit-
Cost coverage for Mobile Response Team1--
Cost coverage for Pilots and Maintenance Technical Publications--
Service Request for Product Support Action cost coverage1--
Standard shipping cost for covered parts--

1 For new aircraft enrolments only. Subject to certain conditions.
2 Bombardier Smart Link Plus is offered only for new deliveries of Challenger 3500 and Global 7500, as well as customers signing up to Bombardier Smart Services who have undergone a retrofit for installation of the AHMS SB. Certain conditions apply.


Several additional options to best serve your aircraft needs

Customers may select to enroll in the following options for an additional flight-hour rate premium*:

Landing gear

Landing Gear Overhaul

This option provides cost coverage for the complete overhaul of landing gear assemblies and actuators when work is completed or facilitated by Bombardier. It includes:

  • All landing gear components
  • Main and nose gear fittings and axles
  • Landing gear actuators
  • Overhaul labour

Cabin System Components

This option provides cost coverage for cabin systems components, including:

  • Cabin communication
  • Audio/video monitors
  • Interior and emergency lighting
  • Water and lavatory systems
  • Passenger oxygen system
schedule labour

Scheduled Labour

From minor inspections to major checks, this option provides cost coverage for scheduled labour required to perform airframe inspection tasks per Time Limits Maintenance Checks (TLMC) and Supplemental Time Limits Maintenance Checks (STLMC).

Unschedule Labour

Unscheduled Labour

This option provides cost coverage for the labour required to remove and install components covered under your tailored Bombardier Smart Parts Preferred or Bombardier Smart Services Elite cost coverage program.

APU coverage

APU Coverage

This option provides comprehensive cost coverage for all Global aircraft APU. It includes:

  • Parts and Labout for APU maintenance including overhaul
  • Line Replaceable Units (LRU) services
  • Scheduled Life Limited Part (LLP) exchange or replacement
  • Alert and recommended service bulletin incorporation coverage (material & labour)
  • APU shipping
  • Access and Removal & Re-Installation 

* All options are included if you are enrolled in the Bombardier Smart Services Elite cost coverage program.

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