True Combined Vision System

The clearest vision

The cockpit on the Global 5500 | Global 6500 aircraft is the first in the industry to offer a true Combined Vision System (CVS). It is the only system to seamlessly merge Synthetic Vision System (SVS) and Enhanced Vision System (EVS) in a single view, reducing crew workload and achieving unmatched situational awareness with the clearest view through the toughest weather.

True Combined Vision System - Global 6500

The benefits of CVS

Approach runways with confidence with the only system to seamlessly merge enhanced and synthetic vision images in a single view and offers:

  • Complimentary operational and safety benefits
  • Precise de-cluttering of the runway and approach lighting areas for optimal decision making information
  • No need for manual adjustment of the EVS/SVS split with changing weather, visibility or flight conditions


A combination of synthetic and enhanced vision systems

Synthetic Vision System (SVS)

SVS provides digital imagery of the surrounding environment unaffected by weather or visibility conditions

  • Vivid imagery with clear and nuanced definition of landforms, obstacles and buildings
  • Key virtual scenery elements such as airport dome, extended runway centerline and fixed distance markers
  • Sharp water contours for intuitive environment differentiation

Enhanced Vision System (EVS)

EVS provides real-time, infrared images in all phases of flight

  • Increased ability of approach and runway cues through mist, haze, smoke or smog
  • Live visibility of dynamic elements including aircraft, vehicles and animals for quick identification of runway incursions
  • Thermal imagery of terrain details and urban surroundings

Bombardier’s True Combined Vision System versus its competition

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Global 5500 | 6500

Bombardier's true CVS overlays SVS & EVS for a true fully blended image centered on the screen.



The competitor has a stitched image of SVS on top and EVS on the bottom split with a distinct separation.

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