Diamond Supplier Recognition Program

Find out more about our Diamond certification program, awarding suppliers with outstanding operational performance and competitiveness.

The Bombardier Diamond Supplier program recognizes the outstanding performance of our suppliers across the organization.

The Diamond Supplier program aims to:

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Provide our suppliers with a clear and transparent definition of excellence and set expectations.
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Build a strong, long-term relationship with our suppliers.
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Recognize and reward suppliers’ achievements and excellence.
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Embolden our suppliers to grow, improve and innovate with Bombardier.

Diamond supplier criteria

Diamond suppliers should demonstrate sustained excellence across both operational performance and competitiveness criteria.

Operational performance criteria

✔ Quality

✔ On time delivery

Competitiveness criteria



General contractual compliance (IGS suppliers)

Health and safety

 Innovation and market access (Production suppliers)

 Responsiveness (Production and Aftermarket suppliers)

Benefits to suppliers

✔ Public recognition

✔ Preferential treatment

✔ Greater involvement and transparency

Who can apply

Suppliers can apply at their site level if the site meets the following eligibility criteria for the last 12 months:

Production suppliers 

Annual spend ≥ $500K

✔ Minimum of three (3) deliveries per month

✔ Most parts must be covered by a valid contract with Bombardier

IGS suppliers 

✔ Annual spend ≥ $1M

✔ Must have a valid Service Agreement

Aftermarket suppliers 

Annual spend ≥ $500K

✔ Minimum of three (3) deliveries per month

✔ Most parts must be covered by a valid contract with Bombardier

Application Process

Any supplier interested in applying to this program should reach out to their Bombardier Procurement contact for more details. Bombardier renews the Diamond Supplier certification annually.

Note: Suppliers can submit their application starting from January 1st, 2022. The deadline for the application is March 11th, 2022. The evaluation will be based on a 12 (twelve) month period, starting from January 1st, 2021 to December 31st, 2021.

Application forms

Note: Application for year 2021 is now close.

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