Our Code of Ethics

We owe it to our customers, to our shareholders and to each other to always uphold the highest standards of ethics and business conduct.

A word from our senior leadership team

At Bombardier, we believe that good ethics make great business, and we demonstrate that in everything we do. We build trains and planes that carry millions of people around the world every day. We owe it to our customers, to our shareholders and to each other to always uphold the highest standards of ethics and business conduct.

How we conduct business is fundamental to our success and achieving our results. From major decisions made in the boardroom to day-to-day operations on our shop floors, we’re committed to operating openly, honestly and with unwavering integrity.

We believe ethics and compliance is our shared responsibility. It involves performing our jobs in good faith and thinking through the potential impacts of our decisions and actions. This Code of Ethics (“the Code”) is our roadmap to carrying out business and behaving in an ethical manner while protecting Bombardier’s employees, assets and reputation. Together, we can compete with integrity and succeed in a way we can all be proud of.

Thank you for your efforts in safeguarding our reputation as a trusted manufacturer of the best planes and trains in the world and as a good corporate citizen.

Who must follow the Code?

Our Code of Ethics which sets the global standards for our business and activities, applies to all members of the Bombardier community, including the Board of Directors, management and employees at every level, in every country and from every Bombardier legal entity (including joint ventures where Bombardier has a majority/ controlling interest).

Management and employees are also expected to comply at all times with all Bombardier policies, directives and procedures. Bombardier suppliers, service providers and consultants are expected to adhere to Bombardier’s Supplier Code of Conduct when dealing with or acting on behalf of Bombardier.

How is the Code governed?

Bombardier’s Ethics and Compliance office has implemented a governance structure to ensure that the principles of this Code are observed, promoted and managed effectively throughout the organization. The Ethics and Compliance Office oversees Bombardier’s efforts to promote an ethical work environment and business practices of the highest ethical standards.

All Bombardier employees holding managerial positions have a responsibility to ensure that the Code is actively distributed, understood and followed within their teams.

Bombardier Code of Ethics

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