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Our diverse team is spread across the four corners of the globe, but no matter which of our locations you join, you will be teaming up with a group of passionate and dedicated employees who want to grow within a people-focused environment at Bombardier.

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Flight Testing

We are looking for licensed pilots who can provide technical expertise related to flight testing and aircraft operational issues in support of our design development.

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Stress Engineers

We are looking for stress engineers to perform various stress analyses, prepare official stress reports, review engineering drawings, and actively participate in new designs.

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Avionics Engineers

We are looking for avionic engineering professionals to develop test methodologies and requirements, analyze ground and flight test data to verify system performance and functionality, and support operations or in-service teams by understanding and resolving aircraft avionic and electrical issues.

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Electrical Engineer

We are looking for electrical engineers to prepare necessary documents to support the modification of Bombardier aircraft and coordinate with different stakeholders such as outside suppliers, internal departments and regulatory agencies.

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Join a talented and close-knit team, executing best-in-class work on exceptional aircraft.

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Learning from the best in the business, you will develop and hone your skills in a positive, fast-paced environment.

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As a skilled engineering professional, you’ll receive competitive compensation and comprehensive benefits.

Meet our Engineering Professionals

The Bombardier's Engineering team is a group of passionate individuals responsible for designing, developing and engineering word-class aircraft on the cutting edge of technology.  Their innovative approach contributes to maintain Bombardier’s position as a leader in superior cabin design, outstanding performance and first-rate reliability and safety.
Our exceptional aircraft are trusted around the world by multinational corporations, charter and fractional ownership providers, private individuals as well as by governmental bodies in special-mission roles.

Don’t just listen to us, hear it from them!

Sanjeev Visvanatha

Sanjeev Visvanatha

Senior Technical Expert – Stress Integration, Aircraft Design & Development, Design Approval Designee (DAD) Structures

"Aerospace Engineering was a natural education and career choice for me. I have always had a passion for aircraft and spacecraft growing up, building plastic aircraft models and reading up on fighter jets.

Stress Engineering encompasses many aspects such as airframe design, materials, structural testing, certification and of course, number crunching. You get to know the whole aircraft, and also make use of your analytical side. It is a great field for those who are interested in how things work.

The most enjoyable parts of my day involve working with our products and our people.  Seeing and touching the product on the factory floor is very satisfying.  To see ideas come to life is an extremely exciting part of my work."

Chris Choo

Professional, Engineering in Avionics

"Working in Engineering is quite different from what I had learnt about aircraft as an aerospace engineering student. The interior system is what drives the efficiency and safety of an aircraft. Being involved in the design and development of such complex functions brings me a huge sense of accomplishment.

I started at Bombardier as an intern and decided to continue as a full-time employee, not only because the work itself, but the culture and the people with whom I work. My opinions and thoughts are always respected, even though I am the least experienced in the group. My abilities are trusted with responsibilities put on my shoulders in completing tasks by myself, alone without supervision."

Chris Choo
David Rafael Machuca

David Rafael Machuca

Avionics & Electrical Systems Engineering

"Engineering requires technical and scientific knowledge, creative problem-solving and information management skills, as well as organization. This should all be driven by an initiative and passion to learn! I enjoy the fact that everyday has something new to offer.

I joined the Avionics & Electrical Systems Engineering team at Bombardier as an intern-student. I was an intern for 14 months and smoothly transitioned as a professional to the position I find myself working at today. I really enjoy what I do, and I believe I am working with a "dream team", as we call it, because of the amazing co-workers I work with on a daily basis. I also chose to remain at this job because of the interest I had in learning and solving avionic and electrical issues.

We are always learning new things, and I see that there are professionals who have been here for over 25 years who are still learning new things at work every day"

Judy Seiler

Director, BFTC Engineering, Flight Operations and Data Services

"Bombardier is one of the big aircraft corporations in Wichita.  I started as an intern at Bombardier in 1992 and have worked my way up the ladder to Director.  The people and the exciting work we have at the Flight Test Center is amazing.  No two days are ever a like.

I enjoy the people I work with the most.  They are innovative and passionate about our aircraft.  Everyone works together so well.  When something needs done, everyone works together to make it happen."

Judy Seiler
Louis Brodeur

Louis Brodeur

Section Chief, Stress Integration – AMP/ANDTP/Missionized Aircraft

"I always have been intrigued by how things work and what is more impressive than an aircraft? Not much! I felt getting to know how aircraft are designed and made such that they will not fail was quite an interesting challenge.

A friend once told me Bombardier was looking for someone to help ensure systems will work as intended and not fail over the life of the aircraft, so I seized the opportunity and joined the adventure.

I am always impressed by the professionalism of my colleagues and how quickly everyone adapts to new challenges as they arise. You could work at Bombardier for your whole career and still get to learn something on your very last day before retirement. The level of knowledge that resides in the people from the company and opportunities to grow are impressive!"


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