Global 6500

Dare to compare

The Global 6500 aircraft will reshape your expectations and thrill your senses with a reimagined cabin, new engines and leading-edge wing technology for a heightened flight experience that is quintessentially Global. No other business jet in its class is as versatile as the Global 6500 which offers a smoother ride, every time. 

Smoothest ride

Our next generation wing with fully re-profiled trailing edge combines flexibility and refined aerodynamics to deliver the smooth ride for which Global business jets are renowned. The Global wings support higher loading and offer superior flexibility absorbing turbulence better than the competition. We dare you to compare.

Global 6500 anatomy of wings

Global 6500

  1. Sophisticated wing design with leading-edge slats contribute to higher wing loading and stability needed to provide a smoother ride.
  2. External high-lift fairings for a smoother ride.
  3. Contoured wing trailing-edge for aerodynamic efficiency.

Closest competitor

  1. Large wing with no leading-edge slats contribute to lower wing loading and flexibility.
  2. Internal high-lift mechanisms resulting in a stiff and rigid wing structure.

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