Aviation quality & safety policy

Our quality policy

We deliver the highest quality products and services, and we strive to get it right the first time. We continuously improve our performance and processes to ensure we meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.

In support of our commitment to our quality policy:

WE COMPLY with regulatory and industry requirements related to quality and safety, and we only work with suppliers who abide by these same standards.
WE STAND BY our products and services, and are always responsive to our customers.
WE WORK according to a streamlined set of standardized business processes, and we continuously innovate and improve our products and services.
WE NEVER deliver, receive, make or ship subpar quality products or services to our internal or external customers.
WE EMPOWER EMPLOYEES by creating a stimulating workplace where all employees understand they are responsible for delivering high quality products and services, preventing waste, simplifying processes, and making decisions that enable us to meet or exceed customer and stakeholder expectations.

Product and operational safety policy

We lead through innovation and outstanding product safety, efficiency and performance.

Excerpt, Bombardier Mission Statement

In our business, safety is paramount and at the heart of our operations. As such, our commitment and dedication to product and operational safety must be continuous and rigorous. It is our pledge to proactively identify and mitigate risks to prevent aircraft accidents and incidents. Making safety excellence an integral part of all our activities is essential to sustaining our business and delivering outstanding products and services to our customers.

In support of this pledge, we commit to the following and expect all employees to comply with these guidelines:


Adhere to a common safety culture throughout the organization as guided by our pledge.


Adopt appropriate behaviors and actions in compliance with our Safety Management System.


Integrate safety in our decision-making processes.


Communicate information related to safety hazards and events to all appropriate personnel and share lessons learned.


Continually strive for higher levels of product and operational safety performance.


Share this policy with all stakeholders and interested parties.


Consistently promote our commitment to safety and encourage one another to report safety hazards proactively.