Human rights statement

We see respecting and protecting human rights as an ethical and business imperative and we expect all our stakeholders to abide to the same principles.


Bombardier Inc., our groups, divisions and subsidiaries consider the respect of human rights to be a fundamental corporate responsibility and a value governing all our activities. We place the highest importance on respecting human rights while conducting our business activities everywhere we operate. We expect the same of all of our business partners.

In 2007, we furthered our commitment to upholding human rights by adding our signature to the United Nations Global Compact. As a signatory, we are committed to actively upholding – through our strategies and across our operations – its ten fundamental principles, which include human rights and labour.

How we act on this commitment is outlined in our policies and codes, including our:

With a view to continuously improving our rigorous governance and management of ethical conduct and supporting processes, we are currently exploring additional mechanisms to assess our impact, risks and opportunities in areas linked to human rights.


At Bombardier, ensuring we uphold our commitment to respect human rights is the responsibility of everyone. In support of this commitment, we uphold the following and expect all employees at all levels, as well as our business partners, to act accordingly.

Health & Safety

At Bombardier, we are dedicated to providing a safe working environment in all of our facilities and operations. We work to protect our employees from occupational illness and work-related accidents, and to promote their health and well-being.

Child Labour

Bombardier does not support and will not engage in the use of child labour at any of our operations. In this respect, we abide by all applicable laws in the countries where we operate. Bombardier business partners are required to not use child labour.

Forced or Compulsory Labour

Bombardier does not support and will not use forced or compulsory labour at any of our operations. Bombardier business partners are required to not use forced or compulsory labour.

Freedom of Association

Bombardier recognizes, and expects its business partners to recognize, the principle of freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining as they exist under applicable laws in the countries where we operate.

Respect and Dignity

Bombardier is committed to treating all employees fairly, ethically, respectfully, and with dignity. We strive to protect our employees from harassment, bullying and victimization in the workplace, including all forms of sexual, physical and psychological abuse.


Bombardier supports diversity and employment equity. We offer equal employment opportunities without regard to any distinctions based on age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, religion, citizenship, marital status, family situation, country of origin or other factors, in accordance with the laws and regulations of each country where we do business.


Our governance and review processes enable us to identify, monitor and follow up on various risk and mitigation measures. These processes include review of geopolitical heat maps, review of government debarred and denied parties lists and Health, Safety and Environment site evaluations and other mechanisms that contain human rights considerations.

We are currently evaluating areas within our existing due diligence processes to expand our consideration of human rights risk.

Grievance Mechanism 

If anyone, including employees, customers, suppliers, partners or other third parties, has questions, needs guidance or has grounds to believe a violation has occurred, they have many resources available to them, including:

  • Direct dialogue (as applicable):
    • A direct supervisor;
    • A human resources representative;
    • A legal services representative;
    • An internal auditor;
    • A union or Works Council representative;
    • The next level of management. 
  • Bombardier’s Compliance Officer
    • Concerns may be raised by email:
    • By phone: +1 514 855-5001
    • By mail :
      Bombardier Compliance Officer
      400, Côte-Vertu Road West
      Dorval, Quebec 
      Canada H4S 1Y9
  • Our third-party grievance mechanism,  Ethics Line, a free, independent and confidential reporting system, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world. Its website and call centre services are offered in multiple languages.

All inquiries about potential breaches or violations will be handled promptly and discreetly.

The Bombardier Code of Ethics may be consulted for more information.

Reviewing and Monitoring

We are continuing to evaluate opportunities to improve our policies and programs related to respecting human rights. As Bombardier puts increased focus in this area, the initiatives associated with this Human Rights statement will advance over time.  

We welcome stakeholder feedback. For any inquiries or comments please contact