Health, Safety and Environment policy

Bombardier is committed to equitably eliminating or reducing health and safety risks, as well as adverse environmental impacts, associated with our operations footprint, products, and services. This includes committing to a robust HSE Management System and adhering to international standards ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

The following is a summary of Bombardier’s commitments provided in the Health, Safety and Environment Policy that applies to Bombardier Inc., its subsidiaries and divisions worldwide as well as to activities of third parties (e.g. customers, visitors, contractors and vendors) to which Bombardier can exercise authority over HSE matters.

Our commitments

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Take appropriate action and provide necessary resources and training to protect YOUR health, safety, and well-being, and to reduce our environmental footprint.

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Implement procedures and controls to comply with applicable laws, regulations, and standards.

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Prevent pollution and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions while conserving and rationing the natural resources required for our operations and services.

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Communicate, consult, promote participation and involve our employees in the HSE management system.

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Integrate the HSE management system and best practices in our business operational processes.

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Set HSE objectives and continuously evaluate and improve our HSE management system and performance.