Environmental excellence

As a signatory to the Aviation Industry Commitment to Action for Climate Change, we contribute to the industry’s progress to reduce the impact of air travel on climate change.

Leading the charge on the environment

As a signatory to the unprecedented Aviation Industry Commitment to Action for Climate Change, and as an active leader of the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) Environment Committee, we contribute to the industry’s progress to reduce the impact of air travel on climate change, which includes the adoption of an international regulatory framework to reduce aviation’s emissions.

The aviation industry has been proactive in recognizing and tackling its climate change impact. On the technology side, we continue to make huge strides in aircraft efficiency, as original equipment manufacturers like Bombardier invest and innovate. New engines and advancements in aerodynamics contribute to delivering reduced fuel burn.

That said, we know that technological improvements are only part of the solution. For this reason, Bombardier is leading the way to ensure that sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) become a standard for the industry, for our customers and in our day-to-day operations. Since 2017, we have been using SAF during demonstration flights as well as during flights to major air shows and events to raise industry awareness of SAF as a mainstream, drop-in alternative to traditional jet fuel for business aircraft.

Recently, we organized four industry-wide SAF demonstrations. We also received an inaugural shipment of SAF at our delivery centre in Montréal, Canada to offer to our customers on delivery flights. This is a first step in our plan to secure long-term supplier partnerships for SAF to all our facilities, as worldwide supply becomes more readily available.

Initiating a decarbonization transition plan

As we evolve our business for the future, we are innovating our operations in a way that creates more value from fewer resources and reduces environmental impact. More than ever, there is a real sense of urgency for climate action and a growing concern that the natural resources we rely on to produce our products will become scarcer and more expensive. We want to be ready to tackle these challenges.

As a leading manufacturer, we recognize the important role we can play to address the growing threat of climate change, while embracing the opportunity to drive innovation, increase competitiveness and stimulate growth.

Our aspiration

Achieve net zero emissions by 2050, with the aim of limiting planetary warming to less than 2°C when compared to pre-industrial levels.

Our game plan

Over the next year, we intend to formalize our plan on how we will achieve our net-zero aspirations. We already have a number of initiatives underway to:

  • Increase R&D in clean products development and electrification
  • Improve energy efficiency in our operations
  • Source renewable energy
  • Secure the long-term supply of sustainable aviation fuels
  • Optimize carbon offsets