Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion

Today, our global workforce of thousands of employees worldwide represents more than 112 nationalities. To continue our growth as a world-class organization, our ambition is to be recognized as an inclusive, accessible and attractive employer.

Our commitment

At Bombardier, we believe the fundamental values and principles listed below have never been more important than they are today:

  • We stand firmly against racism, hatred and inequality in all forms.
  • Acts of discrimination, hatred or violence will never be tolerated at Bombardier.
  • We value and are committed to seeking out people with diverse ideas, perspectives, experiences and backgrounds.
  • We believe that an inclusive workplace is fundamental to achieving our people and customer centric culture.
  • And, we are committed to creating a safe workplace where everyone is treated with compassion and respect.

Our strategy

To focus our efforts, we are formalizing our diversity and inclusion strategy and now have a dedicated Talent & Diversity team. We have launched a number of awareness campaigns, including unconscious bias webinars for managers, and have embedded diversity and inclusion content in leadership training modules.

To support the diversity and inclusion strategy, four pillars have been identified to create a work environment that reflects our diversity and inclusion vision in which differences are valued, respected and embraced.


We are visible and accountable at all levels to become best-in-class.


We attract, hire and onboard a diverse workforce.


We allow each individual to bring their uniqueness and strengths.


We ensure equal rights to career advancement and opportunities to grow.