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Employee engagement

We are focused on building and maintaining a people-centric culture. Empowering our employees, nurturing their talent, and listening to their feedback enable us to innovate and deliver excellence to our customers. The engagement of our employees’ is a key factor of success for our business.

Talent development

As an employer of choice, we are committed to investing in the development of our employees by providing them with training solutions to achieve their career ambitions. Our employees have access to a number of career development tools, such as the Bombardier Academy of Learning (Academy) self-service learning platform and LinkedIn Learning licenses. The offerings target many aspects of development, including:

  • Self-development,
  • Leadership development,
  • Business competencies development,
  • Team development,
  • Functional complementary skills on ethics, diversity, health and safety and environment development.

Bombardier is also committed to offering learning opportunities in employees’ day-to-day work life through participation in innovative projects to perfect their skills and challenge themselves. To support their growth, employees have access to a mentoring program from which they can benefit from the experience and knowledge of their colleagues.

Employees’ feedback

Our employees’ input is integral to strengthening our operations and our culture. Our employee engagement strategies are aligned to the company's priorities.

Feedback is collected via different channels to receive honest and targeted input, which help us prioritize actions that have a positive impact on our employees’ lives. The channels include focus groups, yearly engagement surveys and exit surveys and interviews.

A dedicated team, supported by an engagement committee, has the mandate of creating and supporting the deployment of a Bombardier-wide engagement plan based on priorities identified through employee feedback. Business unit leaders also have their own engagement plans and support activities to engage their workforce depending on their needs.

Employee experience

Our biggest opportunity to be an employer of choice is to provide the necessary resources and support for our people to learn, grow and be engaged through their journey at Bombardier, from attraction to off-boarding.

This includes the hiring of employees from our internship program as well as our new graduate program, which are essential levers for hiring and developing our leaders of tomorrow. Our performance management approach places the employee and their development at the centre of the conversation with their manager, and as such does not include performance ratings. Recognition initiatives are in place to celebrate employee efforts across the organization, and exit interviews and surveys are conducted to understand our employees' experience and how we can improve it.

Work Environment

Through our new flexible work policy, Bombardier supports a flexible work environment where employees can have the opportunity to work remotely, and under a flexible schedule, within a framework established by their manager and where suitable for their role. The purpose of the work policy is to provide employees a work environment under which they can perform at their best capabilities with optimal impact on their work, while enabling them to meet their personal life responsibilities and interests, and position Bombardier as an employer of choice.