Health and safety preventive culture

Embedding our HSE preventive culture in everything we do.

Our vision to be a leader in a Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) preventive culture is an extension of our core values and commitment to be a safe and environmentally responsible company.

Our approach

There are many ways we ensure our HSE preventive culture permeates throughout Bombardier, including through employee training and development, performance monitoring, site tours, continuous improvement programs and risk assessments conducted for all work activities, including prior to launching a new program or site. Our five long-term goals guide our annual plans for HSE activities and are designed to help us reach our HSE vision.

Our long-term HSE goals


Management is accountable for, and demonstrates, HSE leadership        


HSE experts are coaches and influencers              


Process management in place to proactively identify and reduce risks     


Leadership ensures continuous improvement through a set of world-class KPIs   


Strong and clear management organization

HSE management system

All of our sites are required to abide by our HSE Policy, which was revised in 2019, to continue to support Bombardier’s HSE vision and to emphasize management’s obligation to visibly demonstrate HSE leadership.

We have achieved certification according to the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) 18 001. We are currently transitioning to the new ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety management systems. ISO 45001 proposes a more proactive approach towards risk control and leadership involvement in health and safety management. They help us track and manage HSE risks and impact reduction programs across our manufacturing, service, maintenance and engineering operations. Systematically integrating HSE management systems into our activities drives our continuous improvement.

As part of a triennial process, external auditors conduct an HSE Legal Compliance Audit program at eligible sites to ascertain compliance of our manufacturing and services activities to all applicable HSE laws and regulations and other specific requirements. These audits also provide opportunities to identify and highlight best practices, which may then be leveraged at a larger scale. These reviews help us to continuously improve our HSE performance.

Driving performance

We focus on understanding the key activities and processes that could lead to critical risks at our sites. This includes investigating both critical incidents and near misses, and working collaboratively with our sites in:

ENGAGING OUR LEADERSHIP, making critical safety risks a top agenda item during the executive leadership quarterly HSE meetings.


PERFORMING INSPECTIONS through safety tours by management to assess critical risk processes.

Incident Rate

We track and report any use or creation of toxic substances

Our facilities in Ontario also track and report any use or creation of toxic substances in accordance with the Toxics Reduction Act.

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