Socioeconomic development

We support opportunities to maintain and develop responsible business relationships with key industry stakeholders and shine as an active member of the business community.

Fighting the COVID-19 pandemic

In early 2020, we deployed resources and capacities to help support public authorities in the fight against COVID-19. In particular, we designed and produced more than 40,000 protective visors, supported the manufacturing of more than 30,000 ventilators and donated thousands of gloves and masks from our inventories. Our aircraft, including our Global 6500 demonstration aircraft, were also utilized for humanitarian and medical transport worldwide.

With our socioeconomic development priorities, we:

  • Support economic growth, entrepreneurship and development of communities.
  • Strengthen Bombardier’s role as an active member of the business community.
  • Develop positive business ties and promote local business ecosystems.
  • Make commitments that benefit charities or other non-profit organizations such as chambers of commerce or industry associations.

Let us be your partner

Bombardier supports charities, nonprofit organizations and volunteering activities to build strong communities, especially in the areas where we operate.